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Medical Benefits

Mississippi law requires that employers provide insurance coverage for employees who are injured at work. This insurance is the sole remedy for injured workers, providing compensation for medical costs, lost income, rehabilitation, and other costs incurred by the injured worker.

In exchange for providing for this insurance coverage, the company’s insurer usually gets to choose the doctor to evaluate the extent of the injury, and any temporary or total disability resulting from the injury. Naturally, the insurance company chooses doctors and nurses who minimize the extent and effect of the workplace injury. If you are an injured worker who is concerned about receiving fair and complete compensation, you should seek help from an experienced workers' comp attorney.

Mississippi workers’ compensation law sets strict time limits and other requirements for eligibility for benefits. If you have suffered a workplace injury, contact Mississippi Workers' Compensation Consultants as soon as possible.

Mississippi Workers' Compensations Consultants helps victims of workplace injuries get full and fair compensation for their losses and disabilities with our experienced  worker’s compensation lawyers.

Recently suffered a workplace injury?

Our Mississippi worker’s compensation attorneys suggest you to take the following steps if you have been injured at work:

1. Immediately notify your supervisor and your union representative of any injury, and file an accident report claiming workplace injury on duty.
2. Request any needed medical treatment.
3. Contact an experienced workers' compensation attorney.

The complex nature of workers' comp law

The law spells out in detail exactly what benefits an injured worker may be entitled to receive, but the law is very complex. If an injured worker’s lawyer is not experienced in workers’ compensation law and does not regularly practice it, the worker may lose some or all benefits.

At Mississippi Workers' Compensation Consultants, we know workers’ compensation law, the workers compensation system, and how to get the benefits an injured worker deserves. We can build a strong claim for your, and see that you get all benefits to which you are entitled. If applicable to your situation, we can also provide help with any Social Security Disability matters.

We do not charge for Workers’ Compensation claim services unless money is collected on your behalf.

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